IPAD 2 means, in Asia?

What iPad 2 Means for Asia?

IPAD two starts in the U.S. today (posted 04:20 GMT +8), as well as Asia and the rest of the world has to wait. I stumbled across a WSJ interview (video below) that talks about the effect of 2-IPAD Asia. There are good and bad news.

Good: it would be to increase revenue, Samsung and Toshiba, which is a memory chip on the iPad. The same applies to the LG and Apple s touch screen producing Wintech. Bad: Since the launch of the updated IPAD, Asian companies (ironically) that Samsung and LG, which also produces its own tablet products, and growing competition. So far, no one is able to compete with Apple on pricing. Apple , and the ability to keep the price low because of huge demand and the App Store. Apple s App Store provides a significant amount of revenue.

This is not just the big brands also compete with each other. Picopad Indonesia to suffer than the current tablet does not provide a camera feature. At a cost of $ 520, the majority of consumers choose for iPad 2 for Picopad. Apple CEO Steve Jobs aptly describes his colleagues, while others are now scrambling to copy the first generation iPad iPad start 2, which moves as the competition, though, and probably cause them to go back to the drawing boards again.

So, two weeks after two IPAD has finally launched in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and 23 other countries on March 25 Hang in there.

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