Facebook phones, tablet

Facebook phones, tablet

Facebook phones
Taiwan smartphone maker HTC announced the night the two models of mobile social networking, with particular attention to access to Facebook, and introduced its first tablet PC market crowded.

fifth largest producer of smartphones in the world has also introduced a new version of the successful models, Desire, Wild Fire and The Incredible.

The six new units run the Android software from Google, which ended the reign of 10 years as Nokia Symbian platform leading smartphone last quarter.

"We believe that customers want choice, one size does not fit all," says Philip Blair Product Director HTC Europe.

In a statement, the local carrier Telstra said it would exclusively carry the HTC Desire D in Australia. E 'in the first half.

strong growth in smartphones from HTC with Google Android operating system helped the company increase its market share to rivals like Nokia and Samsung.

He has held nine percent of the global smartphone market during the December quarter, according to research firm IDC.

HTC has joined the crowd with his tablet makers Flyer model that comes with a 7 inch screen and a stylus separated.

According to PRTM Management Consultants before the show there were 102 tablets, whether for sale or development of 64 manufacturers.

HTC positioned the tablet in the premium price category, but said its was ready to sell new social networking phones at keenly competitive price levels.

"We are really trying to for the young and mass market. We will try to be as aggressive as we can," Blair said.

HTC is hoping to replicate the success of smaller vendor INQ Mobile, which has built a business by focusing solely on social networking models.

HTC's new social networking models come with a dedicated hard-key for Facebook, enabling users to post information to their Facebook account with just one keystroke.

Mobile is an increasingly important driver of traffic to Facebook, which says 250 million users per month access the social network on mobile devices.

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