How to Play Nitendo Games on a Mobile Phone

Did you know you can play games nintendo /gameboy on your mobile phone? To play Nintendo games on your mobile, you need an emulator called vNes. vNes is a NES emulator for mobiles. It lets you play Nintendo games of 8 bits on your mobile. You can put games from thousands of roms in your pocket, play anytime and anywhere, with the memories and joys of old times. You can download the emulator : HERE
After downloading J2ME emulator vNes what do we do now? Because J2ME can not access resources outside the JAR, we must build ROM files into JAR. With this tool you want.
  1. List your ROM files in package.txt. Don't add ".nes" 
  2. Copy your ROM files to directory "roms". Make sure they all ends with .nes
  3.  Run makejar.bat, you will get vnes.jar 
  4. Send vnes.jar to mobiles

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