Knights & Dragons Gem Tutorial

Knights & Dragons Gem Tutorial
Device: Galaxy S3, Nexus 7
Root: Required
Apps Needed: Android Bot Maker

So, I am not using any APPS such as GameCIH so I was not sure where I should open the topic. If it's in the wrong section I am sorry.

Before we start, this tutorial requires times and patience, it's not fast but it does work. I have been doing it for few days using my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 and made ~2000 gems on each device.

I am so addicted to this game, I searched over the internet for anything, glitch, trick, tips nothing works. Hack tools, as we know, are scams, and could not find any way to hack the gems.

After some digging and trying lots of things, I found a way to make easy GEMS. VIDEO OFFERS!

Great. So where is the tutorial? Video offers are limited. 10 per day, sometimes less. It sucks. Well, I will tell you something. If you use your 3G and you put your device on "ROAMING" you can watch UNLIMITED video offers. (I have done this on my S3, Nexus 7, and my friend's S4 worked like a charm.)

Well, great, you can watch unlimited video offers but no one really wants to sit and watch videos again and again and again to earn 1 gem each time. That's when the ANDROID BOT MAKER comes into picture.

Knights & Dragons Gem Tutorial

It's very easy to use, just click the "+" button and choose what has to be done.

TAP 530 , 325 (Clicks VIDEO offers button)
Sleep 35 (THE ADS TIME)
TAP 100 , 28 (Click the X on the top after the AD is done)
And it keeps repeating it self. I make 2 gems per minute, sometime if it lags it's 1.

To be able to see your tap locations, go into Settings, Device, Developer Option, and check the "Pointer Location" and each time you tap somewhere you will see it on top. That way you can make your own script.


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