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Best Selling Paid Games
Top 100 Best Selling Paid Games from Android Market-P2P | 863.729 MB
Release Date: 15/08/2011 | Language: English | Format: apk | Genre: Android

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Battleheart 1.12.apk 45.81 MB
Samurai II Vengeance v1.0 (1).apk 40.75 MB
Samurai II Vengeance v1.0.apk 40.75 MB
Riptide.GP.THD.1.0.Android.apk 39.81 MB
X-Plane_9 v9.66.apk 31.81 MB
AirAttack HD 1.2.apk 26.28 MB
MiniSquadron.apk 23.85 MB
Can Knockdown 2 v1.02.apk 23.12 MB
Can Knockdown 2 v1.00 .apk 22.96 MB
Flight Control v3.0.apk 22.46 MB
Guerrilla Bob (1.2.1).apk 22.30 MB
Age of Zombies 1.0.7.apk 20.71 MB
Jet Car Stunts v1.05.apk 19.90 MB
Pocket God.apk 19.56 MB
GRave_Defense_HD_v1.0.2.apk 18.14 MB
ILLUSIA_1.0.apk 17.23 MB
Super Dynamite Fishing Full v1.0.2.apk 16.78 MB
Guns’n'Glory_1.5.3.apk 14.33 MB
Cyberlords – Arcology v1.0_2.apk 13.33 MB
Death_Worm_v1.05.apk 13.28 MB
Weed Farmer v1.025.apk 12.76 MB
Radiant HD v3.4.apk 12.45 MB
Townsmen 6 (1.1.0).apk 12.10 MB
Doodle God 1.4.apk 12.09 MB
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Download Driver 1.1.1 iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Driver 1.1.1 iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Discover the running game the most amazing ever created for the iPhone. Driver, the game that introduced a new kind of driving games, is back with his incredible physical and graphics completely overhauled.
Driver 1.1.1 iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad | 403.7 MB

The driver was originally published in 1999, the PlayStation, has been ported to iPhone Gameloft people. In Driver, you play an undercover cop trying to infiltrate the underworld. Ironically, most games used to engage in all forms of illegal activities.
Undercover mode (version of the game's story mode) There are 40 missions to complete, and objectives are varied enough to keep things relatively cool.
One minute you're a getaway driver and the next you’re crashing into storefronts, destroying public property and so on. There’s also a Free-Style mode for just driving around and a Training mode to get you used to driving. The Driving Games mode offers seven mini games to play like Getaway, Cross Town Check Point, and Survival. Each game is different and offers an entertaining diversion from the main game.

Your driving adventures will take you to the streets of Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. The city maps are spacious and give an open-world style feel to the game akin to Grand Theft Auto. The major difference is that in Driver you'll never get out of the car.

While the graphics have been updated from the original game and look better, they’re still not really up to par with other high-end games on the iPhone like Need for Speed Undercover or Asphalt 5. The sound effects are satisfactory but by no means exceptional and there are a few radio stations to listen to while driving—though the slim selection will get old pretty quick.

Unfortunately, Driver has a learning curve as steep as some of San Francisco's most dangerous hills. The handling is rather touchy and the car drives like a huge boat with the tail end swaying back and forth. It’s takes some getting used to, but after a while you get the hang of it. There are three different control schemes to choose from: Joystick, d-pad or accelerometer. As far as steering goes, the d-pad option was the best due to the touchy handling of the car. There are four buttons on screen for the brakes, gas, peel out and hand brake. The peel out button makes you jam the gas and peel out while the hand brake is good for doing 180s. With each control option the buttons are placed in different areas of the screen but they all universally felt cramped. Still, the buttons have some useful functions. Tapping on the "speedometer" icon activates cruise control if you want to go less than full speed. There’s a mini-map in the upper left side of the screen that shows the way to your next destination and pops out to full screen when tapped.

Despite its unique story and famous name, Driver was a less-than-exciting ride and felt a little dated especially when compared to some of the other top racing games in the App Store. With so many shinier and more intuitive titles out there, this model might be better left in the used car lot.

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Looking at Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell Phones

Verizon Wireless
You can have many different packages and deals with Verizon Wireless phones prepaid cell. Verizon is the first telecommunications provider in the United States and its network runs on CDMA, the same as Sprint Nextel. You can get offers very cheap phones with Verizon Wireless Prepaid Cell.

The concept of prepaid has been gaining popularity in recent times due to its many advantages. Firstly, there is no binding contract between you and the cellphone service provider. You also pay for your bills up-front, meaning you buy the amount of time you want to spend on the network ahead of using it, and then use it up as you prefer, depending on the specifications of the prepaid package.

Verizon offers straight-forward prepaid plans. Its coverage around the US is probably one of the best at the moment, seeing that it is the largest telecommunications company in the country.

Here are the four types of prepaid plans offered you (plans may vary according to your area):

Prepaid Basic This is the most basic prepaid package offered to you. You pay a flat rate for all calls to others on the same network, which is 25 cents a minute. To any other network or line you pay an additional 10 cents a minute. Text messages, sent and received, are 20 cents a message.

Prepaid Core You pay 99 cents a day for days that you use the service. With this, however, you get unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling (those who are on the same network). You pay 10 cents per minute on weekends (12am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday) and nights (9:01pm to 5:59am). Every call you make to someone on a different network, you pay an additional 10 cents per minute. Text messages are also 10 cents a message

Prepaid Plus Here you pay $1.99 a day for days you use the service, and with that you get unlimited calling to those on the same network; unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes; you pay five cents for every call you make to a different network and text messages cost five cents as well.

Prepaid Unlimited Talk $3.99 a day gets you unlimited calls to those on the same network and any domestic lines, as well as unlimited Night and Weekend Minutes. Text messages only cost one cent a message.

Refills expire after a set amount of time, however. So you buy these refills and use them up as you decide, taking the above into account. You can buy refills of $15 to $29.99, which expire in 30 days; $75-$99.99 which expire in 180 days; $30 to $74.99 which expire in 90 days; and $100 which expire in one full year.

So as you can see with prepaid, you won't get any surprise bills at the end of the month and there are obviously no termination fees. If you're unhappy with the service you can just swap to another carrier, or if you can't afford to use the phone for the month you don't have to.

You only pay for the days you use the network, and there are NO credit checks if you want to go prepaid. Furthermore, you will be given access to many of Verizon's features to postpaid clients, such as VZ Navigator, its GPS service, and V Cast Music with Rhapsody, its music streaming service.

Verizon distributes phones from LG, Motorola and Samsung - some smart phones, some very basic phones - at some great prices at its website. So these are the sort of Verizon Wireless prepaid cell phones you should expect to get.

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BlackBerry Java Application Development Beginners Guide

BlackBerry Java Application Development Beginners GuidePackt

Description :

This step-by-step guide gives you a hands-on experience of developing innovative Java applications for your BlackBerry. With the help of this book, you will learn to build your own applications to illustrate the platform, and the various capabilities that developers can use in their programs. It explores the powers of Blackberry and helps you develop professional and impressive Java applications.

The book teaches how to write rich, interactive, and smart BlackBerry applications in Java. It expects the readers to know Java but not Java Mobile or the BlackBerry APIs. We will learn to build rich, interactive, and smart Java applications for the BlackBerry. The book will cover UI programming, data storage, programming network, and internet API apps. As we move on, we will learn more about the BlackBerrys device features, such as messaging, GPS, multimedia, contacts and calendar, and so on. This book also helps you build your own applications to illustrate the platform, and the various capabilities that developers can use in their programs. Check Homepage for more details.

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