Download Switch v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Apk Game

Switch v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Apk Game
Welcome to experience the fastest game on Android, Switch, with obstacles and enemies as you weave your way through space and time. Its aim is to travel as far as possible, avoiding energy beams that will destroy your ship, the weather changes also properly to avoid enemy ships. If you need to help lift the shield power-ups that let you destroy your enemies and get the highest scores.

Switch is a game incredibly addictive fast remote with fantastic graphics and sound quality combined with great gameplay tour. It is the latest free game Playbox, the creators of the Bang Bang Racing THD cited as one of the best games of the research on Android.
Switch v1.0.1 (1.0.1) Android Apk Game | 13.43 MB
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Insanely addictive, fast paced distance game with gorgeous visuals and sounds.
You will be amazed by the incredible graphics, high quality sounds and the sheer speed of the game, how long can you last?


  • Simple and addictive gameplay.
  • Console quality visuals and sounds.
  • Original sound and music.
  • Online leaderboards using OpenFeint.
What's in this version:
Fixed some issues with black screens and the game not working on older phones.


Download Last Android Pack 07/2011 [Games & Apps] [+4000]

Last Android Pack 07/2011 [Games & Apps] [+4000]
Last Android Pack 07/2011 [Games & Apps] [+4000]
Last Android Pack 07/2011 [Games & Apps] [+4000] | 3.19 GB
This is a super pack with games and apps 2011, All full versions.
a 3D Dancing Android Boy v2.0.0.apk
a 5001 Amazing Facts v2.6.apk
a 7 Widgets Home Plus v.10.apk
a 7 Widgets Media Plus v1.0.apk
a 7 Widgets Organize Plus v1.0.apk
a Absolute System Root Tool v1.6.4 ROOT REQ.apk
a Absolute System Root Tool v1.6.5 ROOT REQ.apk
a Advanced Bubble Level Pro v1.6.apk
a Advanced Clock Widget Pro v0.54.apk
a Advanced Facebook v3.6.10.apk
a Advanced Facebook v3.6.11.apk
a Advanced Task Manager v5.30.apk
a Ambling BookPlayer Personal v2.07.apk
a AnDrawing Pro v2.3.0.apk
a AnDrawing PRO v2.4.0.apk
a Android Agenda Widget Plus v1.5.7.apk
a Android Audio Profile v1.20.apk
a Android Control Panel v3.3.4.apk
a Android hacker's tool system v3.3.3 ROOT REQ.apk
a Android Photo Widget v1.43.apk
a Animated Weather Widget&Clock Pro v2.5.0.apk
a Animated Weather Widget&Clock Pro v2.6.0.apk
a Animated Widget Contact Launch v1.2.0.apk
a aniPet Aquarium Live Wallpaper v2.4.0.apk
a aniPet Bloom Live Wallpaper v1.1.2.apk
a anMoney (
a apMemo - Quick Notes v1.1.8.apk
a App Protector Pro v1.62.apk
a App Update Notifier - DONATE v0.4.0.apk
a Applanet (2.7.8).apk
a Applanet 2.7.3.apk
a Aquarium Donation L. Wallpaper v2.3.apk
a aTAKEphONE contact dialer v1.45.001.apk
a AudioManager Pro (2.1.3).apk
a AudioManager Pro v2.1.3.apk
a Autodesk SketchBook® Mobile v1.10.apk
a AVG antivirus Pro (2.5).apk
a Baby ESP v1.3.0.7.apk
a Baptizer v1.0.apk
a Battery Doctor pro v1.6.2.apk
a Beautiful Widgets (3.3.6).apk
a Beautiful Widgets (3.3.8).apk
a Beautiful Widgets v3.3.2.apk
a Beautiful Widgets v3.3.4.apk
a BeejiveIM v2.0.1.apk
a Better Keyboard (8.4.1).apk
a Better Keyboard 8 v8.4.1.apk
a Better Keyboard UNLOCK KEY.apk
a Better Keyboard Unlocker (Unlock key 1.0).apk
a Better Terminal Emulator Pro v3.32.apk
a Better Terminal Emulator Pro v3.33.apk
a Bible Verses Live Wallpaper v1.1.apk
a Browsix v1.9.0.apk
a Bubbles live wallpaper.apk
a CalenGoo v1.0.16.apk
a Camera WiFi LiveStream v1.3.13.apk
a Camera WiFi LiveStream v1.3.14.apk
a Camera360 Ultimate (1.6.10).apk
a Camera360 Ultimate v1.5.10.apk
a CardioTrainer Pro v3.5.0 PRO KEY.apk
a CardioTrainer Pro v3.5.0.apk
a Chandroid browser (5.7.0).apk
a Chandroid v5.6.1.apk
a Checkmark ToDo List Pro (4.0.3).apk
a CircleLauncher (1.5.7).apk
a CircleLauncher v1.5.5.apk
a CircleLauncher v1.5.6.apk
a Class Buddy Pro v1.30.apk
a Clockr Evolution (Donate) v1.6.9.apk
a Clutch Beta v1.3.apk
a Collectorz Game App v1.0.3.apk
a ColoredLines Live Wallpaper v1.0.apk
a Concise Oxford English Dictionary 1.3.0.apk
a Crazy Home (2.11).apk
a Crazy Home v.2.8.apk
a DateStone Calendar v1.01.apk
a Deluxe Moon v1.37.apk
a Documents To Go v3.002.apk
a Doggcatcher Podcast Player v1.1.1851.apk
a Doggcatcher Podcast Player v1.1.1881.apk
a DreamStreamoid Pro v0.81.apk
a EasyMoney v1.6.3.apk
a EasyRecover v2.6.apk
a Electrum Drum Machine and Sampler v4.3.2.apk
a Enhanced Email v1.10.apk
a eWeather HD Widget & Barometer v2.5.1.apk
a Evernote (2.6.1).apk
a Executive Assistant + v1.7.2.apk
a Extended Controls (5.2.2).apk
a Extended Controls (5.2.3).apk
a Extensive Notes Pro v1.0.42.apk
a Extensive Notes Pro v1.0.43.apk
a Extreme Call Blocker Droid v23.7.apk
a Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.6 PL1.apk
a Fancy Widget Pro v1.0.7.apk
a Fast Burst Camera v1.0.7.apk
a File Cover v1.4.6g.apk
a Fired Horse Live Wallpaper v2.5.0.apk
a Fireflies Live Wallpaper v1.0.6.apk
a Folder Organizer (3.2.11).apk
a Folder Organizer v3.2.10.apk
a Full Screen Caller ID (5.0.14).apk
a Full Screen Caller ID v5.0.10.apk
a Fun With Love v2.0.apk
a Funny Photo v1.1.apk
a Gentle Alarm (2.6.11).apk
a Gentle Alarm v2.6.10.apk
a Gentle Alarm v2.6.9.apk
a Ghost Radar v3.2.1.apk
a Glow Live Wallpaper Donate.apk
a GMail Label Notifier v0.9993.apk
a GOTO v1.4.9.3.apk
a GOTO v1.4.9.4.apk
a GPS Phone Locating v1.2.apk
a Grades- Student Organizer v2.6.4.apk
a gReader Pro (Google Reader) (2.0.7).apk
a gReader Pro (Google Reader) v2.0.6.apk
a Handcent SMS v3.7.2 (+ Emoji Plugin v1.1)
a Handcent SMS v3.7.3 (+ All Skins, Fonts, and Plug-ins)
a Honeycomb Boot Live Wallpaper (2.0).apk
a Honeycomb Clock v2.5.apk
a HoneyComb Wall (Donate) v2.0.7.apk
a HoneyComb Wall (Donate) v2.0.8.apk
a iDisplay (1.0.21).apk
a iFitness v1.9.apk
a iHandy Carpenter v1.1.7.apk
a iKamasutra - Sex Positions v1.04.apk
a IM Plus Pro v3.6.apk
a Invisible Protector Pro (2.4.0).apk
a iSyncr for PC v1.6.6.apk
a iTap Keyboard (1.1.00 EA).apk
a JEFIT Pro - Workout & Fitness v4.2.0209.apk
a Journal - Orange Diary v1.18.apk
a Launch-X Pro v1.7.1.apk
a LavaBox v1.0.4.apk
a Light Grid Pro (4.0.1).apk
a Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper v4.0.apk
a Liquid Face v2.3.0.apk
a List Master Pro v2.0.7.apk
a LockBot Pro (1.16.6).apk
a LockBot Pro v1.16.5.apk
a Manga Watcher Application (0.4.26FULL).apk
a Manga Watcher v0.4.21.apk
a Manual of Lab & Diagnostic Tests v1.2.0.apk
a Math Reference v5.7.apk
a Medscape v1.02.apk
a Metro UI Pro (1.4.4).apk
a Mini Info Pro v1.7.2 PRO KEY.apk
a Mini Info Pro v1.7.2.apk
a At Bat 11 (1.0).apk
a Mobile Hidden Camera v2.0.245.apk
a MobiReader BizCard & Docu OCR v1.0.3.2.apk
a mooLa! Platinum Edition v2.5.apk
a Moon+ Reader Pro v1.2.14.apk
a MP3 Music Download (2.5.3).apk
a Multi Mount SD-Card v1.62 ROOT REQ.apk
a MultiTasking Pro v1.28.apk
a MultiTasking Pro v1.33 .apk
a MyBackup Pro v2.6.4.apk
a MySettings Pro v1.9.0.apk
a MySportTraining (1.3.4).apk
a NewsRob Pro v4.7.0 PRO KEY.apk
a NewsRob Pro v4.7.0.apk
a NewsRoom - RSS News Reader v2.0.apk
a Nexus Revamped Pro LW (1.98.06).apk
a Nightfall Live Wallpaper Full v1.1.apk
a OficeSuite Professional v3.0.314.apk
a OficeSuite Viewer v1.5.282.apk
a Open Home - Full v5.1.2.apk
a Penetrate Pro v2.10.apk
a Photaf 3D Panorama Pro v2.3.1.apk
a Photaf 3D Panorama Pro v2.4.2.apk
a Photo Enhance Pro (Hi-Res) v2.38.apk
a Photoid PRO v3.5.0.apk
a Photoid Pro v3.6.0.apk
a PhotoWonder (1.0.0).apk
a Pixel Zombies Live Wallpaper v1.4.0.apk
a Plume_Premium_Key_1.0.apk
a PowerMax v1.0.4 KEY.apk
a PowerMax v1.0.4.apk
a PRO Zoom Camera 5X v2.10.apk
a Profile Call Blocker v1.05.apk
a PS3 Brew Pro v2.2.apk
a PS3 Trophies PRO v3.1.0.apk
a Pure Calendar widget (agenda) (2.4.5).apk
a Pure Calendar widget (agenda) (2.5.0).apk
a Pure Calendar Widget v2.4.4.apk
a Pure Grid calendar widget v1.8.4.apk
a Pure messenger widget (2.1.1).apk
a Pure Messenger Widget v2.0.8.apk
a Pure Messenger Widget v2.1.0.apk
a Pure music widget (1.2.5).apk
a Pure Music Widget v1.2.4.apk
a Quadrant Advanced v1.1.6.apk
a Quick App Clean Cache v2.6.3.apk
a Quickofice HD v1.0.1.apk
a Quickofice Mobile Suite v3.3.74 - AM.apk
a Radardroid Pro v2.23.apk
a Radardroid Pro v2.25.apk
a Rail Planner Live (1.6.7).apk
a Rain Alarm Pro OSM v3.0.7.apk
a Rain Alarm Pro v3.0.6.apk
a RealVNC VNC Viewer v1.0.2.54668.apk
a Redialer v.
a Remote for iTunes v2.0.7.apk
a Remote Web Desktop Donation v4.2.0.apk
a Remote Web Desktop Donation v4.5.0.apk
a RocketDial Pro v2.4.7.apk
a RockPlayer Universal v1.6.3 FULL.apk
a Root Explorer v2.13.4.apk
a Router Keygen Donate v1.5.9.apk
a Scanner Radio Pro (3.0).apk
a Screen Suite Lock Screen v2.2.apk
a Seal v1.2.2.apk
a SECuRET SpyCam v1.3.14.apk
a Seek Droid v1.6.4.apk
a Shazam (2.5.3-BB70303).apk
a Sign v2.3.apk
a Sleep Now! v2.0.1.apk
a Smart App Protector(app lock+) (2.1.7).apk
a Smart App Protector(app lock+) v2.0.8.apk
a Smart App Protector(app lock+) v2.1.3.apk
a Smart Taskbar Pro (sidebar) v1.0.3-1
a Smart Tools v1.2.4.apk
a SoundHound 8 v2.4.2.apk
a Spark 360 v3.00.apk
a SportsTracker Pro v2.3.0.apk
a Spy Phone v1.0.28.apk
a Star Chart v1.6.apk
a Star Chart v1.7.apk
a Streaming repeater v1.1.1.apk
a Stripper Girl Live Wallpaper v1.4.apk
a Sunny Wallpapers v1.0.apk
a Super Spy Camera+ v2.0.apk
a Suspect X v1.0.apk
a SwitchPro Widget 1.9.5.apk
a SystemApp Remover (4.14) ROOT REQ.apk
a SystemApp Remover v.4.12 ROOT REQ.apk
a TapeMachine v1.8.7.apk
a Task Manager - Donate (6.1).apk
a Taskiller Full v3.4.5.apk
a Test Phone Info Pro v1.0.apk
a Theft Aware Full v2.0 build 1654.apk
a Thinking Space Pro v2.16.apk
a Thinking Space Professional v2.2.2.apk
a Thumb Keyboard (2.9.3).apk
a Thumb Keyboard (Phone and Tablet) v2.9.apk
a Titanium Backup Pro v3.6.8 ROOT REQ.apk
a Titanium Backup root (3.7.2) ROOT REQ.apk
a Todo.txt Touch v0.2.apk
a Torque (1.4.6).apk
a Torque v1.4.1.apk
a Torque v1.4.5.apk
a Total Recall Call Recorder v1.6.3.apk
a Touch Calendar v1.0.4.apk
a Train Times UK (3.1.5).apk
a Trillian v1.0.0.164.apk
a TV Shows Stream v2.3.2.apk
a TV Shows Stream v2.4.1.apk
a TweetCaster Pro v2.8.apk
a TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter (5.0.1).apk
a TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter (5.0.2).apk
a Uloops Studio Pro v2.6.0.apk
a Ultimate Guitar Tabs v1.3.apk
a UltimateFavesPRO v2.9.5.1.apk
a Walk and Text v1.3.7.apk
a Water Drops LWP Optimus2x v1.0.apk
a Weather & Toggle Widget v7.8.apk
a WeatherBug Elite v2.5.288.apk
a Weigh Weight EX v3.5.2.apk
a WhoIsIt v2.3.apk
a Videocam illusion Pro v1.0.apk
a WiFi File Explorer PRO v1.1.16.apk
a Vignette v2011-01-17.1.apk
a Win Phone Android (1.3.1).apk
a Volume toggle PRO v2.0.6.1.apk
a XiiaLive [DroidLive] v2.1.6.apk
1 vs 100 (2.3.4).apk
3D Cube Race (1.0.14).apk
3D Snow Rally City Stage (1.1).apk
4 Players Reactor (1.1).apk
4Ever Fall (1.6.1).apk
9 - The Mobile Game (1.0.0).apk
Abduction! World Attack (1.2.6).apk
Aevum Obscurum (1.0.4).apk
Ahoy Matey (2.0.5).apk
Air Attack (2.0).apk
Air Attack (2.3).apk
Air Control (1.07).apk
Air Control-v1.07.apk
AirHockey (1.1.3).apk NoDeal.apk
Aliens vs. President (1.2.3).apk
Amazed 2 (2.0.09).apk
Amazed 2.apk
American Idol.apk
Android 1.5 and 1.6 DJ.apk
Android Arcade Emulator (0.2.6).apk
Angry Birds_1.3.5_beta.apk
AntiBody (1.8).apk
Antigen - Outbreak (1.0).apk
Anytime Pool (1.1).apk
Archipelago (1.14).apk
Are you smarter than a 5th Grader.apk
Armadillo Roll (1.0.0).apk
Armageddon Squadron (1.0.6).apk
Armored Strike (1.32).apk
Armored Strike (1.991).apk
Asphalt 3.apk
Asphalt 5 (3.0.8).apk
Asphalt v3.0.7.apk
Assassins Creed.apk
Astraware Sudoku (1.6.0).apk
AstroRaider (1.0.1033).apk
aTilt (1.0.4).apk
Attack of Zombie Politicians (1.0.0).apk
Aus Vs Eng Cricket Test Series 2009 (1.1.5).apk
AutoTrafego (1.6.0).apk
Backbreaker (1.0.0).apk
Backgammon (3.2.9).apk
BarTor (1.0.0).apk
Baseball Superstars 2009 (1.0.5).apk
Baseball Superstars 2009 (1.0.9).apk
Baseball Superstars 2009-v1.0.5.apk
Basket Ball for Android (1.2).apk
Battle For Mars (1.0.16).apk
Battle for Mars (1.0.3).apk
Battleship Pro (1.0).apk
Bazooka Rabbit (1.2.14) (demo).apk
BBD2-1.1_r5_GAND-signed (by D@nilYcH).apk
Beatdown Boxing (1.80).apk
Beatdown Boxing (1.82).apk
Bejeweled (4.31.90).apk
Big Range Hunt 2.apk
Bingo Island Live (1.29.17).apk
BitBlocks (1.86).apk
BlackJack Pro (1.0.8).apk
BlackShark Siberia (1.17.0).apk
Blastosis Invasion (1.0).apk
Blastosis Invasion Lite (1.1).apk
Block Break Deluxe 2.apk
Block Breaker Deluxe 2.apk
Block Jam (1.6).apk
Blockhead (1.3.0).apk
Blow Up (1.1.7).apk
Blow Up (1.2.0).apk
Blow Up-v1.1.7.apk
Bomberman Dojo (1.0).apk
Bonsai Blast (1.5).apk
Bonsai Blast v1.4.apk
Boomex! (1.0.0).apk
BrainChallenge - Gehirntraining (1.1.8).apk
BrainChallenge (1.1.5).apk
Break the Blocks.apk
Bubble Bash (1.33).apk
Bubble Boom Challenge (1.0).apk
Bubble Burst Pro (2.1.1).apk
Bubble Defense 2 (2.04).apk
Bubble Defense-v2.04.apk
Build a Lot (1.0.0).apk
Build a Lot (1.2.0).apk
Buka (2.15).apk
Buka (2.7).apk
Cake Mania - Celebrity Chef (1.0).apk
Caligo Chaser (1.0.3).apk
Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 (1.0).apk
Carrom3D Pro (1.1.5 ).apk
Cash Cow (1.0).apk
CastleGuard2 (2).apk
Chess for Android (1.5.6).apk
Chess Online (1.01).apk
Chessmaster (1.0.20).apk
Chinese Chess (1.0.5).apk
City Mayor (1.4).apk
Civ4 (0.0.2).apk
Cluedo (1.0.87).apk
Collapse (1.0).apk
Colorix (1.0.1).apk
Colorix (1.1.0).apk
Colorix HD (1.7).apk
com.droidbreakout.apk pk working.apk
ConnectToo (1.2).apk
Cricket T20 Super Sixers (1.0).apk
CrystalFour 3D (1.0.3).apk
Crystallight Defense (2.4.2).apk
Crystallight Defense (2.4.6).apk
Crystallight Defense-v2.4.6.apk
CSI MIAMI (1.1.0).apk
CubicMan Deluxe (1.0.1).apk
Dactyl (0.9).apk
De Blob (1.0.20).apk
Deathride - Betrayal (1.10).apk
Defend Homeland (1.0.0).apk
Derek Jeter Pro Baseball 2009.apk
Devilry Huntress (1.1.0).apk
Devilry Huntress (1.2.5).apk
Diamond Twister - for big screens only (1.0.4).apk
Diner Dash 2 (1.2.0).apk
Diner Dash 2 v1.2.0.apk
Dock It.apk
Dogz 2.apk
Dogz2_HTC_G1_EN_IGP_GAND_TS_123 (by D@nilYcH).apk
Dominoes (1.2).apk
Doodle Jump (1.0).apk
Doodle Jump for Android 1.5 (1.0).apk
Doodle Jump for Android 2.0+ (1.0).apk
Dope Wars (0.72).apk
Dr. Droid (1.2).apk
Droid Breakout (1.0.4).apk
Droid Breakout.apk
Droid Breakout-v1.0.5.apk
Droid Mini Golf (2.0.2).apk
Droid Of The Dead (1.1).apk
Droidkoban (1.0).apk
Drop7 (1.0).apk
Duke Nukem GP (1.0.5).apk
Dungeon Quest 100 Gems.apk
Dungeon Wonders (0.9.2).apk
DynamoKid Touch (2.0.4).apk
EA Tetris-v4.34.6.apk
Egggz (1.2.0).apk
Egyptian Symbol (1.0.1).apk
Egyptian Symbol (1.0.3).apk
ExZeus Arcade (1.3).apk
Family Guy Uncensored (1.2).apk
Farm Frenzy (1.2.0).apk
Farm Frenzy 2.1.10.apk
FarmFrenzy (1.4.1).apk
Firing Range (1.0.1).apk
Fishin2go (1.2.1).apk
Fishin2go (1.3.1).apk
Flick NBA (1.1.0).apk
Flight Director (1.0.5).apk
Flight Director (1.3.8).apk
Flight Frenzy Deluxe (1.1.3).apk
Flying Aces (2.0.4).apk
FotMob 4.5 Pro (4.5.5).apk
Freecell (2.0.3).apk
FRG Deluxe (1.2.2).apk
Frogger (1.01).apk
Fun Towers.apk
g 3D Bio Ball HD (2.5).apk
g 3D Bio Ball HD v1.0.apk
g 3D Bio Ball HD v2.1.apk
g 3D Magic Words (3.0).apk
g 3D Magic Words v2.5.apk
g Age of Conquest- Asia v.1.0.1.apk
g Age of Conquest- North America v.1.0.3.apk
g Age of Conquest- S. America v.1.0.5.apk
g Airport Mania- First Flight v1.0.6.apk
g Airport Mania- First Flight v1.0.8.apk
g Angry Birds (AD-FREE).apk
g Angry Birds Seasons v1.2.0 AD-FREE.apk
g Angry Birds v1.5.1 (Ad-Free).apk
g Armored Strike Online v2.082.apk
g BATTLE BEARS Extras Add On (1.0.9).apk
g BATTLE BEARS- ZOMBIES!- (1.0.6).apk
g Bejeweled 2 v0.0.6
g Big Sport Fishing 3D v1.05.apk
g BitBlocks (1.86).apk
g Blow up v1.8.4.apk
g BreakTheBlocks Full (5.0.623).apk
g Bubble Birds Premium v1.0.apk
g Chesspresso v1.1.1.apk
g ConnecToo (1.4.5).apk
g Cover Orange v1.1.apk
g Cover Orange v1.2.apk
g Crosswords v1.2.0.0.apk
g Crystallight Defense v2.5.7.apk
g Dark Nova v1.5.apk
g Doodle Dash Pro (1.7).apk
g Dungeon Defenders- First Wave v4.3.apk
g Dungeon Defenders- FW Deluxe v5.11.apk
g DynamoKid Touch (3.0.13).apk
g Elecdrum Drum Machine & Sampler (4.3.2).apk
g Enviro-Bear 2010 v1.02.apk
g EVAC HD v.1.8.apk
g Farm Tower Pro (1.2.6).apk
g Farm Tower Pro (1.2.7).apk
g Fishin' 2 Go (FULL) v2.1.1.apk
g Fix It (1.0).apk
g Flick Flight (2.0).apk
g Flick Kick Field Goal (1.0.6).apk
g Flick Kick Field Goal v1.0.5.apk
g Flight Control (3.0).apk
g Flight Director v1.8.5.apk
g Forbidden Brakes v1.7.apk
g FPse (0.10.8) PS EMU.apk
g FPse for android (0.10.9) PS EMU.apk
g FPse For Android v0.10 (PS1 Emu).apk
g Fruit Ninja v1.5.4.apk
g Galataxi v1.0.3.apk
g Gangstar Miami Vindication HD v3.1.6 HTC.apk
g Gangstar Miami Vindication HD v3.1.6 Samsung.apk
g Garden Of Weeden (
g Garden Of Weeden v4.1.6.apk
g Garden Of Weeden v4.1.8.apk
g GeoStar v1.24 (survival mode).apk
g Golf Battle 3D (1.1.1).apk
g GRave Defense Gold v1.4.0.apk
g Guess The Price v1.0.apk
g Guitar Hero 6- Warriors of Rock.apk
g HexDefense v1.2.apk
g Homerun Battle 3D (1.4.2).apk
g HOMERUN BATTLE 3D ® (1.4.1).apk
g Humans vs Aliens v1.0.7.apk
g Humans vs. Aliens (1.1).apk
g Hyper Jump (1.7.2).apk
g Jelix Full v1.2.1.apk
g JellyBalls (1.4.0).apk
g Jet Car Stunts v1.05.apk
g Karoshi (1.0.0).apk
g Kilgamore Castle v1.2.4.apk
g Last Stand v1.0.2.apk
g Leap Sheep! v1.2.0.apk
g Maddening (1.0.0).apk
g Majesty- Fantasy Kingdom Sim v1.5.0.apk
g Mechanics Touch v2.0.2.apk
g Meteor Blitz 1.9.apk
g Mini Army (1.4.5).apk
g Mini Plane v4.2.3.apk
g MiniSquadron! (1.17).apk
g MiniSquadron! (1.18).apk
g Mr. Block v1.2.apk
g Mrs Block (1.2).apk
g MX Moto (1.5.8).apk
g MX Moto (1.6.2).apk
g MX Moto v1.4.6.apk
g My Pocket Plane (1.2).apk
g Ofice Rush (1.0.7).apk
g Ofice Rush v1.0.5.apk
g Oubliette RPG v1.3 DATA
g Oubliette RPG v1.3.apk
g PAC-MAN Championship Edition (1.0.4).apk
g Pandas vs Ninjas - Chinese New Year v1.4.apk
g Papa Stacker v1.6.5.apk
g PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer v1.0.1.apk
g Piggy Drop v0.9.6.3.apk
g Pinball Ride (1.1).apk
g Pool Break Pro (1.7.5).apk
g Roller v1.5.0.apk
g Scooter Hero SALE 1.7.apk
g Sheep Launcher Plus! v1.1.apk
g Shift Puzzle Game v1.4.apk
g Shoko Rocket (1.13).apk
g ShootMe v1.0.apk
g Space Physics v1.9.0.apk
g Space War HD v3.0.apk
g Speedx 3D v1.10.10.apk
g Squibble (1.0 build 633).apk
g Squibble (1.0 build 744).apk
g Squibble v1.0 build 618.apk
g Squibble v1.0 build 622.apk
g Star Traders RPG Elite (3.4.7).apk
g Star Traders RPG Elite v3.2.0.apk
g ****** Zombies v1.2.apk
g Super Drill Panic (1.1.1).apk
g Super Dynamite Fishing Full v1.0.1.apk
g Super Dynamite Fishing Full v1.0.2.apk
g Super Tumble v1.4.5.apk
g Sword Requiem v1.0.4.apk
g Tales of Pocoro v1.0.2.apk
g Teka Teki (1.0.0).apk
g The Impossible Game (1.5).apk
g The Impossible Game Level Pack (1.0).apk
g The Impossible Game v1.3.apk
g The Impossible Game v1.4.apk
g The Moron Test v2.92.apk
g They Need To Be Fed (1.0.0).apk
g TileStorm HD v1.1.1.apk
g Touch Pool 2D v2.9.12.apk
g Tower Bloxx- NY v1.0.3.apk
g Townsmen 6 Full v1.1.0.apk
g Toyshop Adventures + Bonus v1.2.3.apk
g TurboFly 3D (1.15).apk
g TurboFly 3D v1.12.apk
g Wave v1.0.3.apk
g Weed Farmer (1.008).apk
g Vertigo Towers v1.2 (3D).apk
g Wordsmith (1.1.1).apk
g Wordsmith (
g WordWise Pro v1.38.apk
g X Construction (1.03).apk
g X Construction v1.03.apk
g Xeno Tactic II Tower Defense v1.3.0 build1.apk
g Yokiyo v2.0.4.apk
g Zuma's Revenge! v.2.0.apk
Gang Wars - 250 Respect Points (2.7).apk
Gang Wars - 40 Respect Points (2.5).apk
Gangstar 2 - Kings of L.A. (1.2.7).apk
Gangstar2_HTC_G1_EN_IGP_GAND_TS_125 (by D@nilYcH).apk
Garden of WEEDen (2.8.1).apk
Gem Miner - Dig Deeper (1.0.4).apk
Gem Miner - Dig Deeper (1.1.3).apk
Go! Go! Rescue Squad (1.0.4).apk
Gomoku (1.0.0).apk
Goobers vs Boogers (1.5.3).apk
GoodJob!! Buddy! (1.0).apk
Grave Defence (1.0).apk
Grave Defence (1.1.0).apk
Guitar Hero 4.apk
Guitar Hero 5 (1.0.0).apk
Guitar Hero 5 (1.2.0).apk
Guitar Hero Rock Stars.apk
Guitar Hero World Tour (1.5.8).apk
Guitar Hero World Tour (1.6.3).apk
Gulp! (1.0.1).apk
Head To Head Racing (1.0.4).apk
Heli Rescue (1.2.0).apk
Helicopter 3D (1.0.3).apk
Hockey Nations 2010 (1.1).apk
HollyWood Hospital (1.0).apk
HomeRun Battle 3D (1.2.6).apk
House M.D (1.0).apk
Hyperspace (1.3.3).apk
HyperSpace (1.3.8).apk
Hypter Lite (1.0.3).apk
iCommando (2.0.0).apk
iCommando (2.6.1).apk
iDemolished (1.1.1).apk
iDracula - Undead Awakening (1.3.2).apk
iGameTheRich2 (1.2).apk
Inspector Gadget (1.0.4).apk
iPingPong 3D (1.0.0).apk
Iron Sight (1.0.1).apk
Iron Sight.apk
J. Rabbit (1.0).apk
Jack and Jiggle Plus.apk
Jewellust (2.0.9).apk
Jewellust Xmas (1.0.1).apk
Joyland Bounce (1.6).apk
Jump!Santa Jump! (1.0).apk
JumpyBall (1.0).apk
JumpyBall (1.5.1).apk
Katamari (1.0.2).apk
Kenny Roger Blackjack (1.0).apk
Kitten Cannon (1.0.21).apk
Kitten Cannon (1.0.31).apk
Klitschko Boxing (1.0.1).apk
Klondike Solitaire.apk
Kollision (1.01).apk
Kreuzwortraetsel Pro XL (DE) (1.0).apk
Labyrinth Full (1.3).apk
Lego Batman (1.0.0).apk
Light Racer Elite (2.0.1).apk
Lightracer 3D (1.2g).apk
LightUp (1.0.5).apk
LightUp (1.10).apk
Lode Runner Full (1.0).apk
LOL Libs (1.7).apk
Lunar Lander.apk
Maejong (1.3).apk
Magical Drop Touch (1.0.1).apk
MahJong Fairyland (1.1.12).apk
Mahjongg Solitaire Pro (2.2).apk
Maru Maru (1.0.0).apk
Maths Workout+ (1.60).apk
Mechanics Touch (1.0.14).apk
Mechanics Touch (1.0.15).apk
MetalStorm 3 (1.0.3).apk
Meteor Brick Breaker (1.1).apk
Meteor Deluxe (1.3).apk
MicroRace Beta (0.99).apk
Midnight Billard 2 (1.1.3).apk
Midnight Bowling 2 (3.2.1) .apk
Midnight Bowling 2.apk
Midnight Hold`em Poker.apk
Midnight Pool 2.apk
MidnightBowling2_HTC_G2Magic_EN_IGP_TMobile_TS_210 (by D@nilYcH).apk
MilitaryMadness (1.0).apk
Million Dollar Poker (1.0.9).apk
Million Dollar Poker.apk
Millionaire 2010 (1.0.0).apk
Mini Basketball Shot (1.25).apk
Mini Golf 3D (2.1.0).apk
Mini Shot Basketball (1.3).apk
Modern Combat Sandstorm v1.0.apk
MonkeyJump (1.1).apk
Monopoly - Here and Now.apk
MooDroid (1.1.0).apk
MotoXMayhem (1.0).apk
mPuzzle (1.0).apk
MS Soccer (1.3).apk
Mystique - Chapter 1 Foetus (1.0.5).apk
Mystique - Chapter 1 Foetus.apk
Mystique - Chapter 2 The Child (1.0.2).apk
Mystique Chapter 3 - Obitus (1.0.4).apk
Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus v1.0.4.apk
Mytopia Spades Master Live (1.20) .apk
Naughty Dice (1.0.9).apk
NaughtyDice (1.1.3).apk
NaughtyDice (1.2.0).apk
Neuro3D (1.0.6).apk
New York Nights 2.apk
Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smitsonian (2.0.0).apk
Nineholegolf (1.0).apk
Ninja vs Ghosts (2.7).apk
Ninja VS Ghosts (3.3).apk
Nintai (1.0.12)
Nintai (1.0.12).apk
Orb Knockoff (1.4).apk
Oregon Trail (1.1.10).apk
PacMan (1.0.5).apk
Panzer Panic (1.0.0).apk
Papa Stacker (1.1.8).apk
PapaStacker (1.2.7).apk
Par 3 Golf (2.0.2).apk
Par 72 Golf (2.0.4).apk
Par 72 Golf.apk
ParkingBreak (1.5.4).apk
ParkingBreak (2.2.1).apk
Parkour - Roof Rider.apk
Path of a Warrior (1.0.6).apk
Pee (1.2).apk
PilotLines (1.0.1).apk
Pinball (1.1.8).apk
Plateau (1.2).apk
Platinum Solitaire 2 (0.0).apk
Platinum Sudoku.apk
Plox - Tower Defense (1.0.6).apk
Pobs (1.2.1).apk
Pocket Puppy Full (1.0.3).apk
Pocoro Full (1.2.0).apk
Postal Babes (1.5.0).apk
Prince of Persia (1.0.0).apk
Production Meeting (1.01).apk
Production Meeting-v1.0.1.apk
PUFF! (1.0.0).apk
Pulse Rider (1.4.3).apk
Pulse Rider v1.4.3.apk
Puzzle Blox (2.0.9).apk
Pyramid Puzzle (1.0.0).apk
Radiant (2.1.1).apk
Radiant (2.4).apk
Raging Thunder (1.0.7).apk
Raging Thunder 2 (1.0.1).apk
Raging Thunder 2 (1.0.4).apk
Raging Thunder 2 v1.0.3.apk
Real Football 2009 3D.apk
Real Football 2010 (1.0).apk
Retro Defense (1.1.4).apk
Retro Defense (1.2.4).apk
Retro Defense.apk
Retro Defense-v1.24.apk
Revival 2 (
Revolution 2217 (1.2).apk
RFManager09_HTC_G1_EN_IGP_GAND_EU_TS_116 (by D@nilYcH).apk
Robo Defense (1.2.0).apk
Robophobia Lite (1.0.5).apk
RockOut Acoustic Pro (1.1.1).apk
Roland Garros French Open 2009 (1.1.4).apk
rthunder2 v1.0.0.apk
Saboteur (1.0.35).apk
Sally's Spa (1.0).apk
Salvo (1.0).apk
Sex Positions Game - Couples Edition (3.0).apk
Sexy Poker Top Models (1.0.8).apk
Sexy Poker.apk
Sexy Truth or Dare Couples (2.5.1).apk
SGT Puzzles.apk
Shoot The Ducks (1.0.0).apk
Shoot U! (1.1.3).apk
Shoot U! (1.3.0).apk
Shoot U!-v1.2.5.apk
ShootingRange3D (1.0.1).apk
Shopper's Paradise (1.06).apk
Sim City Metropolis v1.0.apk
SimCity Metropolis (1.0).apk
Sky Force (1.26).apk
Sky Force_1.29.apk
SkyDroid Golf (1.0).apk
SkyForce (1.27).apk
Slime Ball Speed Way (1.2.7).apk
Slots (1.32).apk
Snow Rally Canada (1.1).apk
Sokodroid (1.2.5).apk
Solitaire Deluxe (1.33).apk
Southpark MegaMillionaire (1.0).apk
Space Invaders (1.0.0).apk
Space Physic - Level Pack.apk
Space Physics (1.6.6).apk
Space Physics (1.7.5).apk
Space Physics Level Pack.apk
Space Physics-v1.7.5.apk
Space STG - Galactic Wars (1.2).apk
SpacePhysics level package (1.5.4).apk
Spades (1.0.4).apk
Spades (1.2.0).apk
Spades Master Live (1.20).apk
SpecTrek (1.3-12).apk
Speed Card (1.0.0).apk
SpeedForge 3D (1.31).apk
Speedx (1.0.8).apk
Speedx 3D (1.1.6).apk
Speedx 3D-v1.1.0.apk
Spheremare (1.0.3).apk
Spiderman - Toxic City.apk
Spiel der Weisen (DE) (1.0).apk
Spira Defense (1.1.3).apk
Spira Defense Pro (1.2.2).apk
Spore (1.0).apk
Spot the Differences (2.2).apk
Squirrel Earl (1.0).apk
String 'em In (0.0.2).apk
String 'em In English version (0.0.2).apk
Stroids (1.0.4).apk
Stuck! (1.2.1).apk
Sudoku (1.5.4).apk
Sudoku Bomb (1.0.3).apk
SudokuCamera Full (1.0.2).apk
Summer Games (1.0.3).apk
Super Air Hockey (1.0.21).apk
Super Boom Boom (1.0.0).apk
Super Boom Boom.apk
Super K.O. Boxing! 2 (1.0.0).apk
Super Tumble (1.0).apk
SuperGNES v1.0.3.apk
SuperGstunt (1.0).apk
Survive! Japanese Lite (0.1.3).apk
Surviving High School - New Rules for Android (1.0).apk
Tangram Master (3.1.0).apk
Tangram Pro (1.0.5).apk
Tank Ace 1944 (1.0.5).apk
Tap'n'Feed (1.0.6).apk
Tap'n'Feed (1.1.0).apk
Texas Hold'em- Chat & Play.apk
Texas Hold'em Offline (1.0.24).apk
Texas Hold'em Online.apk
TextTwist Turbo (1.0).apk
The Game Of Life (1.0).apk
The Settlers (1.0.8).apk
The Settlers (1.1.2).apk
The Sims 3 (1.0).apk
The Sims 3 (1.0.9).apk
The Wars (1.1.1).apk
Three Kingdoms Land Master (1.0.1).apk
ThrottleCopter (1.0).apk
Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09.apk
Tightrope Hero (1.0.1).apk
Tiki Towers (1.0).apk
Toddlers Shake it (2.0.0).apk
ToonWarz (1.0.7).apk
Torect (1.0.3).apk
Torect Paid (1.0.3).apk
Toss It Full-v1.6.apk
TossIt Pro (1.6.0).apk
Totemo (1.17).apk
Totemo (1.27).apk
Tower Bloxx (1.0.4).apk
Tower Defense (1.2).apk
Tower Raiders GOLD (1.17).apk
Towers Full (1.0.69).apk
Trism (1.3).apk
Uno (1.0.2).apk
Uno (3.1.2).apk
Vacuum (1.0).apk
Warehouse Manager (1.0.0).apk
Wave Blazer (1.0.5).apk
Vegas Pool Sharks (1.0.10).apk
Vegas Pool Sharks (1.0.7).apk
What the Doodle! (1.0.37).apk
What the Doodle! (1.0.41).apk
Who wants to be a Millionaire.apk
Wimbledon 2009 (1.0).apk
Winds of Steel (1.1).apk
Virtual Table Tennis 3D v1.8.apk
Wixel Full (1.1.6).apk
Void Defence Pro (1.2.2).apk
Volcano Island (1.0).apk
WordPops (1.0.4).apk
WordSearch (1.2.0).apk
WordUp! (1.2.4).apk
WordUp! Upgrade (1.0.2).apk
WordWrench Full (4.2.514).apk
World Series of Mahjong (1.0.1).apk
World War (1.1).apk
WSOP Texas Hold'em Legend (1.0.0).apk
WT09 (1.0).apk
XGalaxy 2 (1.24).apk
Yahtzee Adventures (1.16.4).apk
Yokiyo (1.0.5).apk
Zebra Paint (1.2).apk
Zen Table Tennis (1.0.2).apk
Zenonia (1.1.1).apk

Download Links:

Download Android App Huge Collection-NiKoNET

Android App Huge Collection-NiKoNET
More than 700 of the most popular games and applications from the Android Market!
ASTRO Manager Pro - Install and ad is not available
Android collection of 400 + games + emulators HD [paid applications ONLY] (Size: 1.86 GB)
Download Android App Huge Collection-NiKoNET
Android App Huge Collection-NiKoNET | 2.85 GB

400 Android Games Collection + HD + Emulators [PAID APPS ONLY] (Size: 1.86 GB)
7 Paid Android Emulators
10 Paid HD Games
400 Paid Android Games
ASTRO Manager Pro
Android Applications Pack 2-20-2011
AdventRush v1.01
Amtalee v1.0.22
Angry Birds v1.4.2 Ad-Free
Armored Defense v1.11
Armored Strike Online v2.066
Backgammon v1.22
Bathroom Reader v1.0.7
Beautiful Widgets v3.23
Blow Up_1.7.5
BowQuest- PandaMania! v1.53
Camel's Kitchen v1.0.2
Chopper Control v1.0
Clockr Evolution (donate) v1.0
Collectorz Movie v1.3
Colorix HD v1.7.2
Dancing Android Live Wallpaper v1.1
Diagnosaurus DDx v1.42.0
DioPen Handwriting & Keyboard v1.1.1
DoggCatcher Podcast Player v1.1.1668
Doodle Jump_1.5.0
Droid Mini Golf - PRO v4.7.1
Droplitz Delight v1.3.1
Dual Mount SD Widget v2.11 ROOT REQ
DynamoKid Touch v3.0.2
Dynomaster v2.11
EasyMoney v1.5.4
ElectroDroid (Donate) v1.6
EMail Widget v4.1
Entity Sensor (EMF Detector) v3.5
eRay v2.91
F1 2010 Timing App - CP v2.58
FartDroid v4.0.1
Flee v1.06
Flight Director_1.7.2
Flightradar24 Pro v2.0
Folder Organizer v3.1
Forum Runner v1.1.14
Gem Magic v1.3
Gentle Alarm v2.5.9
Glucool Diabetes v1.4.2
Go!Chat Facebook Pro v2.1.4
Got To Do v1.2.8
Guns n Glory v1.4.2
Hot Reboot v2.21 ROOT REQ
Hustler Mobile v1.1
Hyper Jump_1.6.5
Leave Devil Alone HD v1.0.2
Leonard Frog v3.8.4
Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper v2.1.2
LightUp v1.10
Madness Hanoi v1.0
MathPac Calculator with Graphing v5.0
Mini Info v1.7.1
Moblox v1.2.2
Moxier Mail (Exchange Server) v2.8.0
mp3tagger pro v1.9
Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube v1.0
MX Moto_1.0.0
OfficeSuite Viewer v1.5.264
Photaf 3D Panorama Pro v1.8.8
Photoid PRO v2.3.0
Pool Break Pro v1.7.0
PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker_1.0-build-10
RecForge - Audio Recorder v1.0.7
Remote VNC Pro v1.8.4
Ringleader Pro v1.3.2
Run.GPS Trainer UV Pro Full_2.3.5b
Shazam Encore v2.5.0-BB70126
Shoot U!_1.4.9
Slimeball Speedway v1.41
Slugs v3.3
Smart Keyboard Pro v3.10.1
Steambirds v1.0
Super Tumble_1.3.3
Swords and Earrings - Tales of Andaria v1.2
Swype WVGA v2.10.52.13753
Sygic Aura Drive 2.0 build R-18575
Sygic Aura Drive 2.0.2b
SystemPanel App and Task Manager v1.0.7
Talking Carl v1.0
TapeMachine Recorder v1.6.7
Thinking Space Pro v2.1.1
Titanium Backup_3.5.7.1cracked ROOT REQ
Touch Racing Nitro v1.2.2
Twidroyd Pro v4.2.0
U Connect v1.1
Ultra keyboard v5.6.2
WidgetLocker Lockscreen v1.2.8
Wifi Tracker v1.0.56

Plus much much more
Install apps with the .apk extension:
  1. Go to settings - applications - enable the 'unknown sources' option.
  2. Put the .apk files somewhere on your SD card.
  3. Open your file manager on the device (like Astro Manager from market). You can delete the Ad using the key in ASTRO.Manager.Pro map.
  4. Select a apk file.
  5. If you get the 'complete action using' pop-up, choose 'package installer'.

NOTE not my own stuff this has been collected from various sources..
From Wupload

Download Android 0day Scene Apps

Download Android 0day Scene Apps (July 19 - July 26
Contains releases from: AnDrOiD and rGPDA
Each release folder has an NFO which contains links to the Android Market page for the app.
All apps tested and working on: Samsung Epic 4G with Gingerbread

Android 0day Scene Apps (July 19 – July 26) | Size : 249.5 MB
Download Here : 0day Scene Apps (July 19 - July 26).rar
Or Here : 0day Scene Apps (July 19 - July 26).rar


Download Document Scanner v2.6 (2.6) Android Apk App

Scan documents and receipts with your phone camera, convert them to PDF. It is a portable scanner for your Droid.
*OCR Option through GDocs/Evernote
*create folders
*no page limit
*scan and add pages later to an existing folder
*insert existing gallery image
*compression and page size options
*reorder pages
*quick one-page option to take a picture and upload as PDF with a single click
*Correct perspective and crop your captured image. The app detects the four corners automatically and gives you an opportunity to modify it
*Enhance image and convert to gray scale (or black/white) as desired

What's in this version:
Improvements to user interface and image enhancement
Support for (Froyo+)

Document Scanner v2.6 (2.6) Android Apk App | 1.31 MB
Requirements: Android OS 1.5 +
Overview: Scan docs,convert to PDF. Email/upload to GDocs/Dropbox/Evernote to share/store.

Get Android Pro Widgets v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Apk App

Android Pro Widgets v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Apk App

Android Pro Widgets support multiple built-in themes.
Get Android Pro Widgets v1.0.3 (1.0.3)
Android Pro Widgets v1.0.3 (1.0.3) Android Apk App | 1.52 MB
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Android Pro Widgets was developed to bring some of the best widgets to everyone. No matter what launcher you use and what device you have!

Android Pro Widgets support scrolling on all devices and all launchers - PLEASE see notes [2] and [3] below.

It currently provides several powerful widgets:

Agenda & Calendar
* Both Calendar grid and Agenda list in the same widget.
* Syncs with existing calendars: Google/HTC/LG/Moto CORP.
* Grid Calendar support different styles: Colored busy mark, Singly busy mark and events text.
* Supports a powerful Quick Event Inserter feature similar to Google's Quick Add feature with speech recognition capabilities!

* View your contacts on your home screen in either a grid or list.
* You may choose any contact group.
* Can sort contacts by frequently called first.
* Supports Android's quick contact badge, Direct dial, Direct SMS.
* Can set click action for each contact separately.
* Shows contacts pictures even from Facebook!

* Direct access to your browser's bookmarks.
* Supports both thumbnails grid and icon list views.

* View your latest SMS messages.
* Direct access to SMS compose, Thread view, Mark all as read.
* Automatically updated on incoming SMS message.

* View the latest wall updates and feed posts.
* Click any item for a detailed view of all comments, direct links, Like status and comments.
* Quickly update your facebook status from your home screen.

* View the latest timeline updates, direct messages and mentions.
* Click any item for a detailed view of the tweet, allows reply, retweet and direct message (if possible).
* Quickly tweet from your home screen.

[1] This is a widget package, the main app is mainly intended for explaining how to actually add widgets to your home screen.
[2] Inline scrolling is enabled on Android 3.0 and on most alternative launchers (e.g. Launcher Pro, Go Launcher Ex, ADW Launcher, Home++, myHome Launcher). When scrolling is not supported by your launcher (e.g. Zeam launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung Touchwiz), you must first click the arrow button in the widget's footer and the widget will become scrollable just until it looses focus.
[3] Currently the calendar widget is not scrollable in its grid mode. Agenda view is fully scrollable though.
[4] In Quick Event entering the edit window will ignore the reminder setting and the selected calendar, and use the default calendar application settings instead.
[5] Reasons for every permission is available here
[6] Screenshot of people widget contains images by photostock /
[7] If you have any question please go to our website and read the FAQ, you can leave us questions there or send us an email.

What's in this version:
- New main activity.
- Added new theme (Simple B&W).
- Added set transparency level for the Transparent theme.
- Facebook: font size changed.
- People: new method for frequently called first.
- Calendar: Fixed timezone issues.
- Calendar: Fixed calendars detection on Motorola devices.
- Quick Event: Fully integrated. Quick Event free is no longer needed.
- Quick Event: Many improvements in the parsing abilities.
- Quick Event: Added reminder, duration, provider and full screen settings.

Provided by: -Market Militia-

download : Android Pro Widgets v1.0.3