Tips for buying mobile phone

Tips for buying mobile phone
You can already have a budget in mind how much you want to use. Mobile phones ranging from Rs 2,500 in India and Pakistan. Size and characteristics affecting the price.

Talk time to speak:
The talk time on mobile phones is the number of minutes you can talk with a fully charged battery standard. The time with a standard battery ranges from 100 minutes to 750 minutes. About 700 mAh will be able to give you a talk time of 4 to 6 hours. A time to talk, you can go without recharging the batteries for longer.
There are 3 types of batteries available in the market of India and Pakistan.

POLYMER LITHIIUM and lithium IONNICKEL METAL HYDRITE thinner more powerful. Heavier and less energy is not released when the phone is off when the battery runs out is not in use can be charged without reducing the ability to decrease battery capacity over time, often charged. More expensive than the cheapest, if you use a cheap phone-R. 3, 000 RS. 50 000 phone records of cost. 4, 000 RS. 7000

Adjust the size of the phone. There are two types of mobile phones we have in the website: Small (Palm) and the average size. SMALL (palm size) fairly easy to transport, store in a pocket or purse R. 3095 to the larger and bulkier than 40 099 small cell .......... 45-R 3895 R, 675 If you are concerned about the size of your mobile phone, and the need to carry in the pocket so they prefer a small phone.

A switch toggles between transmissions adopted by various countriesYou can not use a phone in a country where your GSM is not supported. If you're a world traveler and want to use your mobile phone in different countries, you would need a phone with a dual discourse band.Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) has reduced the amount of background noise that will be sent with your voice when you talk phone. If you live in a city polluted by noise, this feature is a must. General Packet Radio Service allows you to be connected to higher capacity services on the Internet, you can use all Internet applications such as web browsing, email, chat, telnet,File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over the mobile network. Built-in answering machine to record a personal message that automatically answers calls, will not be able to receive and give the caller to leave a verbal message for you. You can check your voice messages at your leisure. The infrared port allows wireless connection between your computer and mobile devices can be used in IR to send and receive the names and phone numbers (business cards) and reminder. BatteryAn handset.Makes and an internal antenna in antenna and battery of the phone more compact and will also give the handset a very stylish and elegant interior with a vibrator, this feature can be programmed to physically vibrate when a call comes. Useful when you get calls from places where we can not continue to ring. For example, for the theater, or an important meeting / conference.
Multimedia Messaging ServiceAllows can send and receive multimedia messages with text, audio, photos and video and mobile multimedia. MMS brings colorful pictures, animations and sound clips messages.PDA EnabledCan make some PDA functions such as organizing dates / contacts, notes, etc.Enables you can do things like well.Picture Messaging PDA is a graph can be used to send a short message, or used to replace short message A creative way to communicate with your friends.Short messaging services with this service, you can send and receive text messages or other mobile phone users This is very useful when you need to send information to a person who is unable No respond to your call or communicate with another mobile phone user. Voice dialing a voice recognition system that lets you dial a phone number stored in the memory of your phone call by simply saying the person name.Voice is very practical and useful in places where you can not see the keyboard or driving. It also helps speed records.

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